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Science Fund for Space Weather

1 Purpose
, To encourage the scientific experts over the world to conduct research in our lab as visiting scholars.
, To promote national and international cooperation, to faciliate communication in Space Weather.

2 Research Fields
, Space weather science and applied research.
, Relative fields: Solar Physics, Space Physics, Geophysics, Atmospheric Physics, Space Plasma Physics and Computational Fluid Dynamics, etc.

3 Prior Funded Themes
, The research of linkage variation the space weather processes in the solar-terrestrial system.
, The modeling research of the space weather events in the solar-terrestrial system.
, The investigation of the fundamental space weather processes in the solar-terrestrial system.
, Based on physics compositive research of space weather forecast methods and models.
, The influence of space weather disturbance on human activities.

4 Costs Covered by the Fund
, a single or round travel fee(according to the actual circumstances)
, local pay: 12,000 per month for porfessors, 10,000 per month for associate professors, and 7,000 for others.
, bonus based on the execution of the fund.
, accommodation (partly free) and working place (total free).

5 Length and Amount
 Five-ten scholarships awarded for one-six months every year.

6 Application Qualifications
 Applicants are usually expected to be professors/associate professors/research assistants/post-doctorals who have PhD degrees. And team spirit and healthy bodies will also be given serious consideration.

7 More details could be added if necessary.

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