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Corona Process of Solar Storm

LSW-1.1 Research for Mechanism of corona mass ejection and transmit process through corona area;

LSW-1.2 Research for corona calefaction process and mechanism of accelerate of solar wind;

LSW-1.3 Research for inversion method of solar plasma and magnet field output and global coronal structure of surface on coronal resource(2.5 times of a solar radius£©;

LSW-1.4 Research for method of about predict interplanetary and disturbance of geospace system base on solar photosphere and observation corona.

Transmitting Process & Research of Pattern for Interplanetary Solar Storm

LSW-2.1 Research diagnostic method and confirm initial-boundary conditions of interplanetary storm solar headwaters base on observation space and earth;

LSW-2.2 Kinetics process for the interaction between interplanetary solar storm and structural solar wind;

LSW-2.3 Research of numerical simulative method for spatial catastrophic event;

LSW-2.4 Developing forecasting pattern of continuous hourly change for geomagnetism Ӣionosphere disturbance base on observation and numerical simulative in solar storm.

Geospace Storm and Global Kinetics

LSW-3.1 Dynamic coupling process of magnetosphere, ionosphere and aerosphere;

LSW-3.2 Process of occurrence and progress for magnetosphere storm and substorm;

LSW-3.3 Engender mechanism and behave form of magnetosphere particle storm;

LSW-3.4 Physical forecast pattern and method of magnetosphere space storm.

Observation and Research for Disturbance of Ionosphere and Thermosphere

LSW-4.1 The global configuration and kinetics for magnetosphereӢinterplanetary disturbance and ionosphereӢthermosphere storm;

LSW-4.2 Correlative problem for assimilative dispose of ionosphere weather's explorative data;

LSW-4.3 Accelerative process and transmission of ionosphere top row ion; relatively research between interplanetary's ionosphere and earth's;observational data of electron and electric current in ionosphere of pole area;

LSW-4.4 Research for theory of ionosphere exploration.

Observation and Research for Photochemical Process Middle and High layer Atmosphere

LSW-5.1The influence of solar activity on middle & high atmosphere; research the coupling of thermosphere and middle layer atmosphere in the course of solar activity;

LSW-5.2Established pattern for radiationӢphotochemicalӢdynamic coupling of middle & high layer atmosphere;

LSW-5.3Research for transmission character of laser light's dispersion Ӣabsorb in middle & high layer atmosphere; Research for theory and examination of atomic light filter;

LSW-5.4Non-linear evolvement and saturation of gravitational wave in middle & high layer atmosphere; the influence of non-linear gravitational wave on atmospheric minim element.

Method of Application

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